In the Light of the Night

A kid sat in the corner of his room, his head resting upon the wall... he raised his eyes towards the light in the ceiling and as his eyes wandered towards the light... the room went dark... he closed his eyes and thats when he saw his life flash ahead of him....
He saw his whole future he saw his graduation... he saw his first kiss... he saw his wife... he saw his first kids... he saw his dads funeral... he saw the marriage of his first kid... he saw the funeral of his mother... he saw the death of his wife... and as the time came for him to see the funeral... 
a voice called out to him and said:
"this is not your future this is the future of any kid in the world this is how it is meant to be if you don't rise up and fix that bloody light and make sure you make your own destiny..."
God doesn't like silly lazy bums who only dream of the light coming into their lives
God gave us the wisdom to create the light to guide us back to his/her eternal LIGHT