There was a mountain top back at the place I call home... well to be honest there was one too many but this one in particular always had a special spot in the area at the back of my head where memories are said to be stored... so basically it was a mountain top that left me with good memories... and of course we are not talking brokeback mountain memories for those of you with naughty naughty imaginations...
It is basically closer to those of Moses as he decided to descend to his people and provide them with the twenty comandments sorry ten comandments...
well it is all a matter of perspective from up there... in moments of lost or anger or sympathy or sorrow... I would leave the whole world and run up to the mountain top... it is calm and quiet.. the breathe blows in your face and the wind carries your sorrows away... the sky becomes so near... you forget the meanings of fear... then you look down at the place from where you've come and well everything looks smaller... and the loud noises fade away... thats when you recogn how small and tiny your troubles and worries can be.. that is when the reasons of your sorrow are no longer visible...
so a few moments of silence... in the sky... and all the troubles of the world just vanish...
and now I walk down back to the real world... only now I walk tall knowing how small and tiny all the dark things are... so I step over them and over shadow them with the scent of  sand from the mountains above...
To all broken hearts and lost souls... to the sweet sorrow and the children of tomorrow take a deep breath rise above it all and you will see life is delightful and bright no matter how dark the night can be...


Angel of Mercy

The brightness of your madness
covers up your sadness
you spin my world around
get me busy
lost and dizzy
you turn me head over heels
like a charming prince I kneel
begging you please
forget all the sadness
I will be your madness
you my guardian angel are
together we have gone far
touched the sky
kissed the moon
hugged the stars
throughout the night
we'd stay up till sunrise
you make me shine
you make me smile
angel of mercy you are divine
Love me, Love you, and through it all
it is heaven we should see