One Breath between Life and Death

There are days when breathing becomes such a burden you hope every breath you take was the last. This is not me at my darkest moment this is just me when I simply fail to see what I want to be, when I simply fail to see me.
My eyes are pierced into a future maybe so far away and maybe not so distant, but here I am sitting in the end of a breath hoping life is just another break, just another moment away.
Men enslaved to their earthly desires, exiling all thoughts and erasing all manners, simply running towards an endless pit, hoping to get some physical joy, or to get to the peak of life from the bottom. Men wasting their lives while building up memories of moments of excitement with the hope that tomorrow wouldn’t erase what they enjoyed for a few seconds today.  
I had such dreams at times, maybe I was a coward, maybe I still am a coward, or maybe I am just so honest in my pursuit of love and affection that I have fallen slave to my passions rather than my desires.
Hope is endless yet it hits a thousand walls and skips a million barriers till we fulfill the slightest glimpse of it. Love is not of hope alone it is that diversion between trusting in trust and dreams in real life and life in eternal emotions of sweet and tender yet violent and arrogant aroma of a blend of hope that comes out of the heart into the heart of another.
There were times when I believed in death and that death would be my salvation, and at other times I wanted to live a life that’s full like “my way” done without exemption, but here I am stuck with a breath being drawn against my will to live in life where am simply standing still.
Love, hope, desire, life, death, altogether come to the mind of one or another, but rarely does one come without murdering the other or in the company of another. Couple them the way you desire cherish them the way you will, but always remember that it all happens to unveil your end in the end of time when all rhymes die and all that survives is the memory hanging down the sweet softly lit path we now call memory lane.
One deep breath, hold it for a moment, one deeper breath keep it in for another moment, now open your mouth and utter the first word that comes to mind. Death, life what do you want it to be, life in death or death in life which is it, where would you rather be?