Ever took a minute to wonder about life, love, friendship, betrayal, envy, hate and death.
Ever whispered to your soul through your heart about how lost you were in the land of men.
Ever dreamt of the eternal light, or the everlasting fires, or do you believe death ends it all.
Ever believed you were on a journey and that life is just too fast for you to catch.

I believe in love, and trust in life, never bothered with death because it’s the saddest truth.
I can remember the flames of fire burning my soul, ripping me apart changing all that which I believed in.
I can recall finding God in me, deep in my shattered heart, today I walk God through life and watch the magic as it happens.
Today God has become me, and I a God, one that believes in beauty in everything in life.


        The world is not a colorful place do not be fooled by the springs of the years that pass. Life is as cold as a stormy winter, it is filled with black skies and dark nights, yet it promises sunny days and white lands for us to walk upon.        
        It is a black and white world, a place where the truth can’t be altered and right can’t be wronged. Well at least that is how a mad man will see the world. A normal man would color everything, even the truth is painted with lies, and even wrongs are sketched to appear right.
How I dream of a world where all men are mad.



There was a mountain top back at the place I call home... well to be honest there was one too many but this one in particular always had a special spot in the area at the back of my head where memories are said to be stored... so basically it was a mountain top that left me with good memories... and of course we are not talking brokeback mountain memories for those of you with naughty naughty imaginations...
It is basically closer to those of Moses as he decided to descend to his people and provide them with the twenty comandments sorry ten comandments...
well it is all a matter of perspective from up there... in moments of lost or anger or sympathy or sorrow... I would leave the whole world and run up to the mountain top... it is calm and quiet.. the breathe blows in your face and the wind carries your sorrows away... the sky becomes so near... you forget the meanings of fear... then you look down at the place from where you've come and well everything looks smaller... and the loud noises fade away... thats when you recogn how small and tiny your troubles and worries can be.. that is when the reasons of your sorrow are no longer visible...
so a few moments of silence... in the sky... and all the troubles of the world just vanish...
and now I walk down back to the real world... only now I walk tall knowing how small and tiny all the dark things are... so I step over them and over shadow them with the scent of  sand from the mountains above...
To all broken hearts and lost souls... to the sweet sorrow and the children of tomorrow take a deep breath rise above it all and you will see life is delightful and bright no matter how dark the night can be...


Angel of Mercy

The brightness of your madness
covers up your sadness
you spin my world around
get me busy
lost and dizzy
you turn me head over heels
like a charming prince I kneel
begging you please
forget all the sadness
I will be your madness
you my guardian angel are
together we have gone far
touched the sky
kissed the moon
hugged the stars
throughout the night
we'd stay up till sunrise
you make me shine
you make me smile
angel of mercy you are divine
Love me, Love you, and through it all
it is heaven we should see



Rip off that mask you're wearing
ain't no mascaraed 

It's not just yourself you're scaring
you've got me afraid

rip it off...
 before your soul it takes
rip it... off before your heart it breaks

I couldn't realize your eyes
they were hidden beyond your

Rip off that mask you're wearing 
it's ripping your soul 

I in despair... showed you my care

I will... 
rip off that mask you're wearing
save that soul your tearing 

deep inside 
you've committed suicide
you are now
like them

you have lost your way
trying to live 
life their way

I will...
rip off that mask you're wearing
and make you human 



Once Again

When all hell was set loose I found my way through... from the Abyss from the darkest bottom of the universe I just struggled towards the land... with each step forth angels of death tried to drag me back down... back to the kingdom of there masters... I pushed them away sometimes with a kick and at others by simply giving in... and as I fell back down each time I gave into them my will got stronger as my soul grew older... then within time I just got back to earth Rinsed from all my sins and the sins of my Father and those of my Mother... I was clearly a new born... so as I went out and saw the light for the first time in a very long time all I could do was scream out loud a scream of joy... only to see my reflection in a mirror I was a baby one more time merely a few months old I couldn't believe and my sudden scream of joy turned into tears of sympathy... as I had come back to find my way back to the kingdom of heaven once again...
So is the story of birth... such is the struggle of the soul... every soul each and every day we die in hope of living once again...


Heaven in Five

Close your eyes.... take a deep breath... 5,4,3,2,1... now open up your eyes what do you see?!
I can tell you what I normally see:
I can see butterflies flying above my head... 
I can see flowers covering the roof of my room.... 
I can see waterfalls streaming down my walls... 
I can feel the clouds swifting below my body... 
I can float on nothingness... 
I can kiss the sky... 
I can see God... 
I can touch the hearts of angels... 
I can kiss my loved ones goodbye one last time as they look me straight in the eye...
Tonight I'm in a different Haven...
Tonight I am at peace and no longer in pain...
This is a night I can go back to again and again....
now I open my eyes one more time...
the walls are pale white...
the roof is stained with old paint...
the dust is floating above my head...
the heat is overwhelming...
life feels like hell...
but for 5 seconds I can relive heaven and that is worth visiting a million hell... 
only now I know how much I miss my  
 Personal Haven... 
every one of us has a paradise lost... I just hope you can all find it within your heart after every deep breath you take... cause it is the only thing that keeps a smile and saves a soul...