Ever took a minute to wonder about life, love, friendship, betrayal, envy, hate and death.
Ever whispered to your soul through your heart about how lost you were in the land of men.
Ever dreamt of the eternal light, or the everlasting fires, or do you believe death ends it all.
Ever believed you were on a journey and that life is just too fast for you to catch.

I believe in love, and trust in life, never bothered with death because it’s the saddest truth.
I can remember the flames of fire burning my soul, ripping me apart changing all that which I believed in.
I can recall finding God in me, deep in my shattered heart, today I walk God through life and watch the magic as it happens.
Today God has become me, and I a God, one that believes in beauty in everything in life.


        The world is not a colorful place do not be fooled by the springs of the years that pass. Life is as cold as a stormy winter, it is filled with black skies and dark nights, yet it promises sunny days and white lands for us to walk upon.        
        It is a black and white world, a place where the truth can’t be altered and right can’t be wronged. Well at least that is how a mad man will see the world. A normal man would color everything, even the truth is painted with lies, and even wrongs are sketched to appear right.
How I dream of a world where all men are mad.