Life is funny

There always is that time in time when time pauses for us to watch out for what it is that is going on around us. However, for a quite a while now that time has not passed by me nor have I been blessed by that much of time for self reflection. One might take a break and wonder why, I simply didn't won’t and shall not do so, although I guess I already am doing that which I said I wouldn't. 

Blessed be I or not so much so, I still believe that simply believing in ones ‘ self is more effective than believing in any other no matter how holly or divine. As long as one knows the boundaries of one’s self because the oneness of the one is always more divined than the holiness of the million others. It is simply not because one is more important than all others but mainly because one who is effective affects the lives of millions but one who is already dead to the others is not even close to being anything other than a waste of time space and energy.

It is at times of lust that I wonder most about what it is that had I lost, whether it is the power of the flesh over that of the soul. Is it the power of the heart over the brain, or is it simply that of the other over ones’ self. It is a dilemma with a million X and an infinite Y it is a matter of perspective and not that of probability. It is a matter of a brain that needs to be dusted and a soul that has been ripped apart by beauty, and eyes that have been bewildered by dishonesty, it is a complexity of things and it is a multiplex of ideas and theories combined in a life of a man or woman whom have been lost in the cells of one’s brain.

 Ask me not for the truth, for I have not one answer and if answers vary for one question that’s when you should know that the truth has disappeared evaporated been isolated into the tongues or words that have been uttered by millions of others. I claim not to be one of a kind, but I do honestly claim that I am one of which millions can be derived and million others can be excised.

Life is funny I admit, life is such an exuberant ride into the unknown wilderness of the springs that we walk upon, drink from and water with each and every split second of our lives. Be it with passion or passionate hate, be it with honesty or honest disregard, we are all of one nature and to another nature bound. We from the soul are and to the earth entrapped but that is life’s funny way of saying that she is funny. For she is the combination of all contradictions in one and all the similarities in millions so how do you separate the one from the millions and the millions from the one. Whenever you have the time to take time out of time to extract this contradictive term that is when time would stop for you and you become the one and the millions become you and vice verse till God you see and they see you in return.
Life is funny in one million way....

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